Yes, I Am Not A Townie: Adventures in Nonlocal Consciousness

 by guest Clamtributor Jeremy McKeen  a most excellent blogger over at I am not a born-and-bred Townie, but I would literally trade my life to be one. In fact, that is exactly what I’ve done, willingly, along with my wife and kids. These are now our beaches and parks and Boulevard and favorite pizza […]


Well, Clamskteers, it’s Sunday. The day when your beloved Clam puts aside the snark and revels in all that is truly earnestly awesome. Usually these pieces come easy, but not today for a short list of reasons:  I can’t enjoy Fiesta today I have to go into Boston on a big project my company is […]

“Reimagining Railroad” by Staff Photographer Stevens Brosnihan

After his first assignment, we decided to give our staff photographer Stephens Brosnihan another chance at covering the Gloucester news beat. This… is what he gave us. Beige is the New Black The Clamtributors asked me to cover the second public hearing of the ‘Reimagining Railroad’ project held this Monday night between 6 and 8 pm. Being so […]