Go Vote Now!

The Clam is delaying posting today’s humorous piece by Brooke Welty until we feel we’ve berated enough of you to go vote in today’s primary.

So go do that. Polls open at 7.

polling locations:

Ward 1 Precinct 1                                        Ward 1 Precinct 2

East Gloucester Elementary School            Veterans Memorial School
8 Davis Street Extension                               11 Webster Street

Ward 2 Precinct 1                                   Ward 2 Precinct 2
Our Lady’s Youth Center                                Our Lady’s Youth Center
140 Prospect Street                                      140 Prospect Street
(Changed from McPherson Park
to Our Lady’s Youth Center
on 10/01/2012)

Ward 3 Precinct 1                                      Ward 3 Precinct 2
Gloucester HIgh School Field House         Gloucester High School Field House
36 Leslie O’Johnson Rd                                36 Leslie O’Johnson Rd
please note  above is a WARD 3 Polling location change as of July 2014

Ward 4 Precinct 1                                   Ward 4 Precinct 2
Beeman Memorial School                          Lanesville Community Center
138 Cherry Street                                         8 Vulcan Street

Ward 5 Precinct 1                                   Ward 5 Precinct 2
Magnolia Library Center                           Magnolia LIbrary Center
1 Lexington Avenue                                     1 Lexington Ave
above is a 5-2 location change 
                                                                            as of July 2014

Vote, humans. Or the robots will elect an electro-president who will destroy us all.

Vote, humans. Or the robots will elect an electro-president who will destroy us all.

3 thoughts on “Go Vote Now!

  1. Jimmy’s South Boston roots are showing. Not sure there’s that kind of party discipline these days my friend, but love that you’re trying. No Brooke, we’ll probably just change the channel.


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