Three Word Restaurant Reviews.

Our good friend and Clam supporter Hallie from Turtle Alley came up with a brilliant idea the other day. “I’d be good at writing three-word restaurant reviews,” she said.  Turns out, she was absolutely correct. So we teamed up to gather some of the best three-word reviews we could muster for some of Gloucester’s eating establishments. Here’s a few examples:

Duckworth’s: Best in town!

Short & Main: Patrons from Hamilton

House of Mitch: Bad Life Choice

Dogbar: Tall People Beware

But we here at the Clam realized that we needed help. And that’s where you come in. Craft your own 3-word review of your favorite joints in town. Best ones get a Clam sticker and we’ll list ’em in a future post!

Leave ’em in the comments. Or don’t, see if I care.

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