swim with your mouth closed

You ever look at seawater under a microscope? There is a ton of stuff going on that’s invisible from a distance. Creatures that look like they came out of a Guillermo del Toro movie, weird polypy things, what is even that squiggly stuff? Anyway, this is Gloucester, today. We have all kinds of things going on that no one is talking about. Some of it is weird and exciting, much of it is boring but immensely important. We’re like biologists before the microscope. Actually, more accurately, we’re like scientists after the microscope was taken away and for some unknown reason and the science of biology is now being conducted by blind, angry people shouting at each other. With spittle. There is a lot of spittle. So we’re going to try and turn the microscope back on. Sure, we’re going to do some of the shouting, but at least we’ll have an informed point of view. You wanna help? Go to a meeting, an event a hearing. Get some info and write it up for us. Have an opinion, fine. But at least get the data.

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  1. Holy crap, Jim. My bro forwarded me your Mkt Basket post and I couldn’t stop reading and laughing. The writing felt so oddly familiar that it was a relief to realize it was like listening to you or John. I’m gonna get my 82 year old mother online so she can read your stuff and be proud of being a “Gloucester girl.” Hope the fam’s well, and Ella/Max send their best


      • And they ARE great. I have been turning on my “outside mass” Facebook followers on the whole MB Saga as it unfolds. Kathleen gave me what NO news organization has to date. A concise, detailed and entertaining account of his business’ history. Shame on the Globe for their attempt to compete with Kt with their riveting articles, all of which basically tell the reader “It’s old”.


  2. This blog is hysterical. I got hooked on the Market Basket post and kept reading. Originally from NH and MA, but I’m reading this and following it down here in Atlanta GA. Keep up the great work.


  3. Keep telling me F’ing the news and all the other goddamn shit going down in the area, and I’ll keep on reading. I love this blog.


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