The Gloucester Clam is always accepting one-off submissions that don’t suck and/or content ideas from the masses.

KT  Toomey is a 10-year resident of Downtown Gloucester along with her husband, two kids, and some random pets. She has a bachelor’s degree in Management from Salem State University and has previously owned a local business as well as other random jobs. Her hobbies are getting tattoos, biking, trying new and varied hard ciders, accidentally exposing her children to swear words, and finding Chuck Taylors at thrift shops. She can be contacted at


Spooky Story Night Crop


Jim Dowd has lived in various neighborhoods of Gloucester since the early ’90s. He has settled in E. Gloucester with his wife and two kids. Jim began blogging as a Good Morning Gloucester contributor when his locked bike got boosted from the train station leading to a regular series of posts when it happened again. And then again for Christ’s sake. Part geek, part shouty lunatic, he loves Gloucester like family, an emotional spectrum that runs between deeply rewarding emotional connection and something like the feelings shared between inmates of a particularly ill-supervised asylum.  Favorite steampunk travel option: Unicycle-Zeppelin. He can be contacted at

Ready for the pre-zombie apocalypse

Ready for the pre-zombie apocalypse


Brooke Welty is the Clam’s Chief Mollusk Marketing Officer. She handles most of the Clam’s not at all crappy social media content as well as being a contributor. She is a recent transplant to Gloucester and is frequently baffled by it.

She doesn't have a machete-wielding picture, we asked.

She doesn’t have a machete-wielding picture, we asked.


Other Contributors:

Stevens Brosnihan, Staff Photogapher

Len Pal

Jeremy McKeen

Josh Turiel

Adam Kuhlmann

Amanda Cook

11 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Love it, just found this through a post on FaceBook, always loved Jim Dowd’s posts on GMG, will start following you folks now!


  2. Would you comment on the necessity of the Gloucester police department’s owning a Hummer. Also just recently I noticed a second one parked next to the first. Not sure if the second was because of a two for one deal, or they needed the extra for when the other ran out of gas. Am awaiting answers from your team of crack reporters!


      • Please do tackle this! Is there increased criminal activity in Dogtown or Ravenswood necessitating lots of off-roading? Or are these discounted leftovers from the Hummer dealership (wherever that is) because nobody actually buys these things anymore? We really need to know what is going on here.


      • My guess is that they are surplus. The original military Hummer was under-protected for the kinds of roadside ambush-attacks our servicepeople faced in Afghanistan and Iraq, so the military switched over to the MRAP, a much more protected vehicle restricting Humvees to on-base use. Now that those wars are winding down, there are a ton of them kicking around and the military does not want or need them. So they go to local police departments- but I want to know what use they are. Especially two of them? My experience with them many years ago in Maine on backcountry rescues was that they were uncomfortable, not well heated or protected from the elements and didn’t fit everywhere as the roads were cut to fit the Ford F-250, the typical vehicle of the USFS. So did they give them to us? And why two? Very weird and we’ll get on it.


  3. I am hooked. Love your irreverent and fiercely parochial blog. Your nine lessons the rest of the world can learn from Gloucester makes me want to move there. I already have a wetsuit so I guess I am ready for the Rapture to take me to Dogtown.


  4. Ok seriously. How the hell do I give you guys money. I may have had a scotch ale or 4. Or maybe more than 4. But I would think giving you money would still be relatively straightforward. Is this some strange Gloucester trick? Is there someone laughing on the other end of the Internets?


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