“James Dowd’s writing should really be all you need to know to make this an instant bookmark and follow” – Good Morning Gloucester, 5/17/14

“For a vulgar (be warned) and engaging take on [Market Basket’s boycott], check out The Gloucester Clam.” –, 7/30/2014

“A local blogger from Gloucester, MA, has a whole two-part explainer up covering the entire family drama- and scandal-filled backstory back to 1916, when the first store opened. It’s quite a tale, involving epic, decades-long lawsuits, paid-off witnesses, and lots of people going to jail. The whole saga is well worth a read…” – Consumerist, 7/22/14

Good Morning Gloucester Podcast w/ James Dowd, 5/17/14

The Saga of Market Basket (Maine Eater)

The Last Stand of the Middle Class is Taking Place in a Parking Lot in Massachusetts (Esquire)

Market Basket Coverage (UniversalHub)


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